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100% decentralized

Non-custodial, fully trustless, and doesn't rely on oracles.

Works for long-tail assets

Leveraged trading of less liquid trading pairs.

Passive yield

Liquidity providers enjoy up to 15% APR without trading.

Margin trading enabled on any spot DEX

Marginly supercharges DEXs with a plug-and-play leverage.

Margin Trading Engine

Handles all position management

Smart Router

Finds best possible routes

Only execute trades

Why Marginly is better than other
leveraged markets

Safe for LPs

Isolated risk and no
impermanent loss.

Capital efficiency

Longs can borrow short
proceeds and vice versa.

No liquidations

Deleveraging vs. trades at thin liquidity.

More fair interest

Interest rates account for risk parameters.

Smart contracts are audited by Quantstamp

Marginly comes as a white-label solution

Get a margin trading feature for your DEX, wallet, or web app.

Easy integration

As simple as a 'Get leverage' widget, minimum dev work required.

Liquidity & volumes included

Marginly brings more than just code to the table.

On-chain RevShare program

Integration partners earn up to 30% of commission fees.

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with us?

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